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Customer Testimonials

"The technical service for SprayMapper Lite has been unbeatable. It is easy to keep track of what records have been submitted to PURS and what still needs to be submitted. I also like the fact we have records in one place that meet both the PURS requirements and the federal recordkeeping requirements. It is very handy to have all the information you need to record the spray record in one place readily available so you don't have to go look up information over and over again."
Lyla Lampson, Sam LeFore Fruit Farms

"I have been extremely pleased with the customer service that sprayMapper has provided. They respond to all of our questions and concerns immediately, and have been extremely accommodating to our needs. The program is easy to understand and provides our company with all the necessary pesticide reports in a straightforward format."
Kate Wright, Food Safety Coordinator, Cal Farms, LLC

"sprayMapper is a huge time saver for us. It keeps our spray reports in order, estimates our jobs, automates our invoicing, and lets us report electronically to the State PURS System."
Floyd Paye, Business Owner, Payes2Spray Custom Applicators

"I have experienced a vast improvement in our ability to comply with WPS standards. Using sprayMapper has simplified pesticide record management and PURS electronic reporting ability. Whenever I have had a question, the people at sprayMapper have always been there for me."
Mark Zielinski, Business Owner, E-Z Orchards

"The addition of sprayMapper to the Weed Department has let us do more work on the ground instead of doing paperwork in the office. The tech support has been more than adequate when we have a problem; it is usually fixed that day. I have always been able to contact someone whenever a problem has occurred."
Dan Durfey, Weed Supervisor, Umatilla County Weed Department

"SprayMapper has helped us reduce the paperwork for our chemical applications here at Van Essen Nursery. We can make work plans and carry them over to the next day if they’re unfinished. Upon completion of the work plan, the necessary PURS reports are generated and submitted to PURS, eliminating the need of the end of the year reporting. The technical service is outstanding. The people at SprayMapper did an amazing job addressing our concerns when we had technical issues or questions."
Lynn Gerig, Growing Systems Facilitator, Van Essen Nursery

"I have been using sprayMapper for the past year for maintaining records for our County Weed Department. The screens are very intuitive and easy to use. Populating the data is always a time consuming job, but the programmers have made it as effortless as possible. The connection for adding pesticides is a great feature saving me from wondering if my entries will be ODA Pesticide Use Reporting compatible. We use pretty much all the cost accounting options in this package, spray report entry, time card entry, cost accounting reports, and invoicing. We are very pleased with the ease and flexibility of the program. The reports are laid out well. We have been very, very satisfied with the work done on this program. The support staff are super to work with and respond to any emails and concerns immediately. We would recommend this program to anyone needing to organize and monitor their spray programs."
Sandy Smith, Wasco County Weed Department

"sprayMapper has given us the ability to enter, save, and organize all our spray records while working over a multi-state area with multiple applicators. No more paper files to store, easy access and a company that’s willing to listen and make additions to the system to meet our needs."
Paul Washburn, Owner, Washburn Contract Services, Inc.